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Flight-type (Rackless Conveyor) Washers

STERO’s finely engineered rackless conveyors with flawless workmanship and enduring quality are the best Flight Warewashers in the industry. These large capacity belt machines can be configured to suit any dishroom.

Flight-Type models offered by STERO include the standard model, STPC, wide model STPCW, STPCW-M and the STPCW-ER which features a two stage auxiliary rinse.

Features include:

  • Scrap, Wash and Rinse Manifolds—large and efficient.
  • Peg Links—easily replaceable in seconds.
  • Low Water Protection Device—safeguards the unit in the event of a low water condition.
  • Automatic Shut-off—shuts down machine operation during idle periods.
  • Safety Stop—eliminates ware breakage and pile-up.
  • Full Perimeter Stainless Steel Frame—for strength and longevity.
  • External Scrap Catchment—removes food soil from tanks and allows emptying during machine operation.
  • Color Coded and Numbered Wiring—for ease of component identification and trouble shooting.
  • Circuit Breaker Protection—for motors, controls and electric heating elements when specified.

STERO’s STBUW Pot, Pan, and Utensil Washer is a high volume, high capacity rackless conveyor. Manufactured with the same innovative design and quality materials as the STPCW, this durable equipment will provide years of dependable service.

Features Include:

  • Extra Heavy-Duty Design—12 gauge stainless steel side guards provide a flat surface that assists the operator’s loading of large pots and other bulky ware.
  • Increased Vertical Clearance—accommodates large oversized objects.
  • Power scrapping and power rinse.



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