Somat DH-100 Dehydrator Now with Cold Weather Option

Somat DH-100 Dehydrator Now with Cold Weather Option

Somat Company has recently announced the addition of a cold weather option, available on the Somat DH-100 Dehydrator system. Used to reduce the volume and weight of food waste and compostable disposables by a ratio of 8 to 1, the DH-100 Dehydrator can now be located and operated in environments where temperatures can fall as low as 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

“Our dehydrators are sold globally to a variety of segments including universities, hospitals, hotels, casinos and correctional facilities. On occasion, operators elect to place our equipment near the loading dock or close to the waste dumpster where food soil is collected for disposal,” said Doug Cole, Business Development Manager for Somat Company. “The Somat DH-100 now provides flexibility for this equipment to perform in cooler climates.”

Simply plug in the unit, select ‘Winter Mode’ from the touchscreen menu, and the temperature inside the dehydration cabinet will remain optimal as food soil is accumulated in the chamber for processing.

The Somat DH-100’s cold weather option is designed to:

  • Create versatility for customers to operate Somat dehydrators under cold weather conditions
  • Maintain a 100°F temperature inside the chamber despite environmental conditions, keeping food soil from freezing during waste accumulation while equipment is idle
  • Preserve condensate collection, pumping system performance and condensate drain hose operation
  • Minimally impact overall operating costs related to the dehydrator.


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