Stero Stationary Products Earn ENERGY STAR® Qualification

energy-star-logo-200x200Stero has recently launched a new product line of stationary warewashing equipment that is ENERGY STAR® qualified to provide improved water and energy savings to its customers within the foodservice industry. The product line includes the SG Glasswasher, SU-H and SU-L Undercounter models, and SD3 Door-type Warewasher. Stationary warewashers are manual, batch-style units that process one rack per cycle.

The Stero SG Glasswasher is a complete redesign that utilizes just .74 gallons of water per rack and can process up to 34 racks per hour. This low-temperature unit has a 12” door opening and accepts standard 20”x20” glass racks. At the end of each cycle a fresh, potable-water rinse removes residual chemical sanitizer, so patrons enjoy the special drink they ordered in its purest form, and nothing else. The SG Glasswasher is available in a 40” and 42” height and fits neatly behind the bar.

The Stero SU-H and SU-L Undercounter models are high- and low-temperature warewashers, using just .78 gallons of water per rack. The SU-H will process up to 31 racks per hour, while the SU-L will process up to 33 racks per hour. Available with optional 6” or 17” stands for improved loading heights and ergonomics, this compact unit serves the needs of hospitality, limited service restaurants, c-store foodservice and many others.

Stero’s SD3 Door-type warewasher provides excellent cleaning results with only .85 gallons of water per rack. Available in both high- and low-temperature units, the Stero SD3 can process 58 racks per hour with the high-temperature model, or 65 racks per hour with the low-temperature model. Simple, digital controls show wash and rinse temperatures vividly. Upper and lower spray arms are interchangeable and don’t require special tools for removal/install after cleaning. A large, heavy-duty scrap basket collects food waste, helping to keep wash water clear of debris. The unit has adjustable wash cycles of 1, 2 or 4 minutes to accommodate varying food soil conditions.

Simple and durable in their design, Stero’s stationary line of warewashing products create efficiencies within the clean-up process, now with the added benefit of critical water and energy savings.

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About Stero

Stero warewashing systems have been proudly manufactured at our U.S.-based facilities for over 70 years. The high-quality, durable and efficient equipment is not just the best value in the industry, it’s an investment in quality that is built to work, and made to last. Stero designs commercial glasswashers, undercounters, door-type dishmachines, rack conveyors, flight conveyors and utensil washers for institutional and non-institutional operations.

Simple, intuitive controls, reliability as a result of heavy-duty construction, and serviceability is our hallmark. To learn more about Stero, please visit Stero is a division of Illinois Tool Works, Inc.




Media Contact: Heidi Spaide