Glassware Cleaning Best Practices

Now with over 4,656 breweries—a record high for the United States—America’s beer culture is flourishing in neighborhoods across the country. Highly-skilled in their craft, brewmasters put forth a great deal of passion and knowledge to achieve a desired result that will be enjoyed in tasting rooms and local establishments alike. Consequently, it is equally important… Continue reading Glassware Cleaning Best Practices

Stero Stationary Products Earn ENERGY STAR® Qualification

Stero has recently launched a new product line of stationary warewashing equipment that is ENERGY STAR® qualified to provide improved water and energy savings to its customers within the foodservice industry. The product line includes the SG Glasswasher, SU-H and SU-L Undercounter models, and SD3 Door-type Warewasher. Stationary warewashers are manual, batch-style units that process… Continue reading Stero Stationary Products Earn ENERGY STAR® Qualification